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At Wellness Spa, the treatments applied during spa services purify, balance and nourish your skin, and different services are provided for different skin types.

Purification; It cleanses the skin deeply, cleanses the dead cells.

Balancing; It allows toxins to be removed through the skin and removes the mineral deficiency.

Moistening; It provides nutrition and moisturizing of the tissues.

Supportive Treatments: These are mini treatments applied to the face, neck, hands and feet.

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Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage or Thai Yoga Massage is a specific form of body work where we combine various massage...

Swedish massage

Swedish massage uses 5 basic movements to improve circulation and release toxins from the muscles. Always...

Deep tissue massage

In deep massage, every move and technique should be targeted. There is no slipping of the tissues, as in...

B2B Massage

A decontractant massage not only relieves pain or dissolves contracture (which, depending on the time it takes), will...


The aim of the massage is the body's "harmonization" that contribute to the whole body and mind balance...

Balinese Massage

A very important element of the Balinese therapeutic system is the use of essential oils (rose, jasmine...

Sports Massage

It also reduces the ability to accumulate lactic acid, which eventually turns into calcification, which can...

Hot Stone Massage

The most common type of stone in this massage is the basalt stone. They are smooth, black volcanic...

Foot Reflexology

Massage of the feet relaxes, refreshes the body and gives the feeling of ease to the leg. The effect is...

Our Experts

We are proud of our specialists who not only professionally perform any procedure, but also know how to make your stay with us comfortable.




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Our Packages

Full Body Massage
  • 60min
Body to Body Massage
  • 60min
Deep Tissue Massage
  • 60min
Hot Stone Massage
  • 60min
Thai Massage
  • 60min
Swedish Massage
  • 60min
Balinese Massage
  • 60min
Sports Massage
  • 60min

Essential Balance. Massage and Wellness.

Full Body Massage

Rediscover peace with classical massage ..

The full body massage method, in which the five main techniques of massage are applied to the whole body in a certain order and sequence, focuses especially on the back and shoulder area. The full body massage application, which starts with the cleansing of the dead tissue of the skin with various oils, focuses on relaxing the body without applying excessive pressure. Different massage methods are applied in certain order, focusing on the distribution of muscle spasms and edema.

Balinese Massage

For you from distant lands, special for you ..

Bali massage takes its name from Bali, a small volcanic island in Indonesia. Bali massage, which is applied to the whole body with strong movements, provides relaxation in the body by accelerating blood circulation and reducing muscle tension, as in most other types of massage. Unlike other massage types, Balinese massage is started not from the head but from the foot. The reason for this is that the nerve endings all over the body are directly connected to certain points under the foot. By applying pressure to these points, it is aimed to dominate and loosen the whole body. In Balinese massage, unique Balinese Santi oils are used.

Sports Massage

Get health with sports massage ..

Sports massage; It saves the body from the harmful effects of cramps and muscle stiffness, as well as prevents fiber breakages and muscle injuries. As it accelerates blood circulation; It helps to remove toxins and edema from the body and facilitates the work of the heart and circulatory system. It relaxes the body in general and provides us to feel better physically along with psychological relaxation.

Aroma Therapy Massage

Let your soul rest with aromatic scents,

It is a massage method applied using massage oils prepared from mixtures obtained from herbal extracts. What is important in this massage is that the tempo is low and the intensity of the movements is light. It is a relaxing massage. The effect of this massage is due to both the contact and the chemical properties of the applied oil.

Deep Tissue Massage

Feel your whole body relax ..

Deep Tissue Massage is a type of massage that stimulates the blood circulation, provides removal of toxins from the deepest muscles and is effective in loosening the tension and knots that have formed over time. During the massage, the energy flow in the body is stimulated by focusing on the muscles that are applied hard pressure and the body's balance is tried to be achieved. Deep tissue massage is an ideal therapy method for solving problems such as arthritis, chronic joint pain, post-exercise pain.

Shiatsu Massage

Discover the magic with healing fingers ..

Shiatsu, which has been practiced since ancient times, means 'finger pressing'. In Shiatsu massage, which has the same philosophy as acupuncture, it is aimed to apply pressure to certain points of the body by hand, to heal the energy flow passing through that point, and therefore the connected organs. Scientifically viewed, Shiatsu accelerates blood circulation by calming the overworked nervous system, releasing tense muscles and relieving stress.

Hot Stone Massage

Renew your energy with thermotherapy ..

Hot stone massage is based on heating volcanic lava stones in hot water and placing them on certain key points of the body. These stones create a thermotherapy effect on the body with their long-term heat protection properties, accelerate blood circulation, accelerate metabolism by allowing the body to contact more oxygen. This care not only provides physical, but also spiritual and mental relaxation.

Mix Massage

Experience the effect of healing hands ..

Wellness Mix Massage, which is applied by choosing the most special and relaxing techniques of Swedish, Bali, Thai and Aroma Therapy massages, has a relaxing and relaxing feature. You will feel more alive and rested with the energy of this massage that surrounds your soul and body with aromatic scents.

Lomi Lomi Massage

Let the healing hands dance in your soul ..

In Lomi Lomi Nui, a type of massage of Hawaiian origin, massage is performed with rhythmic movements with the arms and elbows. The therapist's movements are more like a dance and are performed by turning around the person receiving the massage service in harmony. It is a fun and very different application. With the help of alternating and interconnected long and flowing massage movements with the lower arm and the elbow, the joints are relaxed, the soul is released and a deep relaxation feeling is awakened.

Back / Head / Neck Massage

Say Goodbye to Pain and Cramps

It is a great stress relieving massage that we especially recommend to people with headaches and insomnia problems. It is applied intensively to the head, back and neck. It relieves tension, relaxes the back muscles, prevents pain and stiffness. Humping, carrying heavy loads, bad sitting position, standing for a long time causes the muscles to stretch and knot. This massage relaxes the muscles and relieves aches and pains. Since the nerves start from the spine and spread to the whole body, massage directly affects the nerves and relaxes the nervous system. It has a calming effect with slow and rhythmic movements and a refreshing effect with fast and rapid movements.


Feet are the mirror of our body ..

In this massage, which becomes apparent based on the principle that feet are the mirror of our body and constitutes an indispensable part of far east traditional medicine, pressure is applied to certain points on the sole of the foot. Each standing point represents certain organs and points in the body. Reflexology is a kind of balance massage. It makes the person feel good physically and psychologically.

Sports Massage

Let your body renew with its healing power ..

Although Medical Massage has not been popular in our country, it is a type of massage that is widely used all over the world. We cause excessive wear of our organs and muscles due to various reasons such as heavy work conditions, stress, unbalanced sleep, and excessive fatigue. Medical massage contributes significantly to the healing power and regeneration of our body.

Thai Massage

It brings life to your body and soul ..

In its traditional form, Thai (Thai) massage is a form of Eastern bodywork therapy based on the treatment of body, mind and soul. Therapy involves treating the electromagnetic or energetic fields that surround the body, flowing and bringing life to it, through pressure and / or manipulative massage. Thai massage is similar to acupressure, yoga, zen shiatsu and is inspired by Buddhist teachings. Massage consists of rhythmic pressure and stretching applications.

Four Hands Massage

A unique and real feeling of rest ..

It is a type of massage where two therapists perform a synchronized massage therapy at the same time and in harmony with each other. The biggest purpose of this massage is to remove the overloaded electricity by 2 different people with a single massage. It activates the energy centers in the body and opens the blockages in the chakras.

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  • - Manish

    Thanks to all the staff for today! It was magical! The Antistress program really helped to relax both mind and body!

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    Good day! Thanks to the hospitable salon Wellness in general, the creators and keepers of the relaxing atmosphere of the salon

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    We have been going with friends to Wellness Spa Kalkaji for 1 years. The quality of service is still excellent.


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